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Why Do Hearing Aids Cost So Much?

Hearing Aids Should Not Cost 5-6 thousand dollars for each hearing aid.

Avoid those business's that want you to pay an excess amount of money
for hearing aids.

  • Most hearing aid clinic's pay their salespeople up to 35-40% commission.

  • Audiologists' and Hearing Aid Specialists make the most money when they overcharge for their services and the cost of hearing aids.

  • Most salespeople work for the commissions

A few hearing aid clinics are owned and operated totally by the owners of the clinic.

They have the authority to wave or not even charge you the additional cost of commissions.

Is their anyone out their that has had a bad or positive experience with a hearing aid salesperson?

  • Is their anyone willing to respond about a positive or negative experience with getting their money returned to them, if they wanted to return the device within the trial period? 

  • Most States allow a thirty day trial period to return the hearing aid back to the dispenser/clinic, if you are not satisfied with the results/outcome.