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What is Auditory Neuropathy?

Auditory neuropathy is a disorder in which sounds enter the ear normally, but the transmission of the sound from the inner ear to the brain is impaired in some way. It is known to effect children and adults of all ages, but auditory neuropathy is not well understood.

Most people with auditory neuropathy have problems processing complex sounds like speech, but these poor speech discrimination skills do not always correlate with the patients hearing test. Put another way, a person with auditory neuropathy may report hearing sounds just fine; however, this person also would report having difficulty understanding what he or she heard.

Where is auditory neuropathy located?

A clear anatomical and physiological explanation of neuropathy is not clear, because the origin of the problem in the body is not fully understood. However, it may involve the inner ear and / or junctures up to and including the brain. The neurons between the hair cells in the cochlea (Inner-Ear) may also be involved; Therefore, a combination of things may form to cause auditory neuropathy.

What causes auditory neuropathy?

We know some causes of auditory neuropathy that place some people at risk, a clear correlation of diseases and drugs to auditory neuropathy has not been found.

"However, I believe from my many years of experience in the hearing healthcare field; 
"If you don't use it, you loose it!"

If you wait to long to have your hearing evaluated by a professional, you run the risk of permanent damage to you auditory processing ability, in other words: "You may loose your ability the understand speech"

"The use of Prescription Fit Advanced Digital Hearing Instruments will stimulate the inner ear and auditory center of the brain"

Says': Tony Fisher Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist
Founder and Staff Member of ALL-EARS HEARING CENTER®

What is the prognosis?

There's good news and bad news about auditory neuropathy prognosis.
Professionals do not all agree about what constitutes effective treatment and at what points treatments should be applied. Conventional hearing aids may be used to help patients who suffer from auditory neuropathy, and cochlear implants also have been recommended.
Unfortunately, there is no single test or test battery that has demonstrated the guidance needed to effectively predict the best treatment for people suffering from disorder.

Tony Fisher says:

"I suggest that people exhibiting auditory neuropathy, should seek a qualified professional to first evaluate their hearing, then they could be referred to an E.N.T.; Or try hearing aids. After I evaluate your ability to improve your speech understanding with the use of hearing aids', you may have found the help you are looking for"
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