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I have purchased hearing aids in the past from those folks that advertise in the Akron Beacon Journal, I paid way too much for run of the mill performance.
I was referred to All-Ears Hearing Center by a friend. That was the best thing that happened to me, I was tested for the degree of hearing loss and Mr. Fisher recommended a set of advanced digital hearing aids.
I can hear the birds now and conversation better than ever. I am recommending this business "Clinic" to all my friends. They are nice folks and very reasonable with their prices.
I saved over a thousand dollars with this clinic.
Dan Ward - Akron, Ohio

SEPT/15TH / 2015

I can tell you first hand, if you bought your hearing aids anywhere else, You probably paid too much.
I love my new hearing aids..
Sally J. - Medina, Ohio

Siemens Pure Binax Smart Hearing Aids. Better than normal hearing is here, the future in hearing has arrived!

We can improve your ability to hear on the phone.
I love My New Siemens Hearing Aids, I can now hear and understand conversations clearly on the telephone. What a Blessing!        
                                       Pat - Canton, Ohio...

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Just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You! Your Kindness and Honesty that you have shown in your business and the people that you serve in the hearing healthcare profession. What a Blessing you are to me and my Wife.
My Wife is so happy that I can hear again.
Tony, You called me your friend. That really touched my heart to be called your friend.
I have always taught my children that they may not have much in their life, but one thing they can have is their good word (honesty)
You are and run an Honest Business and to be call your friend is a great Blessing to me.

Thank You,

Ron Phillips - Christian Minister 

Patrick's Story
“On 9-30-2013 I did a binaural fitting for an Antaro X-Mini. The patient's main complaint was her inability to hear her husband in noisy situations. I turned on the Speech Beam option. Several days after the fitting and even before her regular scheduled follow up, she called to brag. She said for the first time in years she and her husband were able to make it through a restaurant dinner without the background noises drowning out conversations. They are both very happy and so am I. Thank you!!”

Patrick Lockett, BC-HIS
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Victoria's Story
“A professor at one of our local colleges came in to the office with a competitors set of hearing aids and was not happy with the results. The fit was uncomfortable and he wasn't hearing the students or the faculty meetings. After testing and fitting him with the Hansaton Sorino customs, he was amazed at the comfortable fit and sound quality and absolutely loves his new hearing aids. We are looking forward to many referrals from this satisfied patient.”

Victoria Elaine Peters, BC-HIS COHC
American hearing loss 

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SMART COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY COMMUNICATIONYou Don't Have to be Einstein to Understand:
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We Have the Highest Tech Digital Hearing Aids and Many Years of Our Personal Use and Experience With Hearing Aids,
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To: Anthony & Louann Fisher
All-Ears Hearing Center
530 Canton Road, Akron., Ohio 44312

From: Thomas F. Bear MD

Dear Tony & Louann,

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I am with my Phonak hearing aids and more importantly, to thank you for the opportunity to "Test Drive" 3 to 4 sets of high tech hearing aids before I made my decision.
Your expertise and patience with me was exemplary. Each set of hearing aids was programmable to my particular hearing loss and it made my final decision quite easy.

The only down side of having these hearing aids now is that I will miss our frequent visits as we went with the journey of fitting and testing.
Thomas F. Bear, MD


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We serve Akron, Canton, all of Ohio

Now we are once again able to entertain our friends and enjoying life.

"I'm so happy that I finally purchased a set of great sounding
 hearing aids from All-Ears Hearing Center, Plus I saved a lot of money and supported a Locally Owned Family Business; So my money stays in the local economy"...

Mr. R Toth  -  Akron Ohio

Margaret's Story
“I have always worn premium CIC technology since my loss occurred 17 years ago. I previously tried RIC’s, twice, with no improvement in understanding speech in demanding noise situations. Three weeks ago I tried Inara RIC in the current XearA technology and have been AMAZED since programming it as ‘first fit,’ with NO modifications. Sound quality is THE most NATURAL & CLEAR I have heard in 17 years of wearing a hearing instrument. The ability to understand speech one-to-one, in quiet groups, with back ground noise, outdoors when active with others, were ALL noticeably improved. It is EASY to hear with this device; it’s as if the speech you want to hear is always the clear and dominant signal, without surrounding noises interfering. I’ve actually gone to bed with it because I forgot it was in!”


Lesly's Story
“I wanted to tell you about a particular success story of one of my patients; Mr. N.V. purchased a set of high end hearing aids from one of your competitors three years ago and he would always complain about his inability to distinguish communication in the car. Well, I convinced him to try the new XearA Line; he is now able to hear better in noisy environments. He can drive his convertible with the top down and he is able to hear and understand the passengers in his car!. His wife loves it because now they can take their Sunday drives together. I was skeptical about this claim, however, other patients have been reporting similar success in hearing in difficult listening environments while wearing this product.”
Lesly Loiseau, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology
Clinical Audiologist