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Anthony W. "Tony" Fisher's "Biography"

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Anthony "Tony" Fisher BC-HIS
Operating the most advanced Hearing Aid programing equipment available.   "As a private practitioner, I have combined my passion for better hearing with my love of people.  I seek every opportunity to relieve the stress of tinnitus in those patients that suffer from the constant "ringing" noises in their ears. I have researched the effects of tinnitus and have found an affordable solution in our: Tinnitus Masking Technology. If you or someone you love suffers the effects of tinnitus, set up an appointment with me, The day you accept help for tinnitus you can start living again!" Said Tony...Tony's experience in sound masking started in the U.S. Nuclear Submarine Service "Silent Service". I was involved in the research and implantation of noise suppression in Navy Submarines. This advanced "Masking" technology allows American Submarine's to operate silently; As well as, create offsetting marine environmental soundscapes to appear as: schools of fish, wales and other underwater noise emissions. After the Navy, I studied hearing loss and hearing aid fittings.  When computer technology was introduced to the hearing aid profession, I got right into fitting digital instruments. With over 30 years hands on experience; As well as, I am a  hearing aid wearer and Tinnitus sufferer, I developed the skills to help most people overcome hearing loss; As well as, tinnitus or ringing in the ears.    Many of our clients come from distant parts of the world, right here in Akron, Ohio to find relief from the damaging effects of hearing loss.  All of the hearing aids that we recommend and dispense are Doctor recommended;  Say's Tony Fisher BC-HIS

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