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Treatment of Dementia and Alzheimer's disease

Symptomatic similarities of Alzheimer's Disease and Untreated Hearing Loss

Alzheimer's Disease

Depression, anxiety, disorientation
Reduced language comprehension
Impaired memory (esp. short term)
Inappropriate psychosocial responses
Loss of ability to recognize (agnosia)
Denial, defensiveness, negativity
Distrust and suspicion regarding other's motives

hearing aids stimulate the auditory "hearing area" of the brain, thus drawing nourishment into the brain. 
Untreated Hearing Loss:

Depression, Anxiety, Feeling isolated
Reduced communication ability
Reduced cognitive input
Inappropriate psychosocial responses
Reduced mental scores
Denial heightened defensiveness
Distrust and paranoia
(e.g.., the belief that others mat be   talking about them)

Memory Dementia

We need to draw blood into the Frontal Lobe of the Brain to help Stimulate Blood (Nourishment) into the Memory & Primary Sensory Area's of the Brain.